This Love Is Gonna Be The End Of Me

17. srpen 2010 | 22.45 |

Máme tu další jednorázovku, tentokrát ale trochu zvláštní - je napsaná v angličtině. Neptejte se mě, jak jsem se k tomu dostala.:)) Nicméně je skutečně velmi krátká a stručná, přesto jsem s ní nějakým zázrakem spokojená. Největší inspirací mi byla písnička End Of Me od Apocalypticy a Gavina Rossdalea, decentně to pak doplnila ještě Thank You Pain od The Agonist. Takže pokud máte potřebu si na místě postav někoho představovat, tak víte koho.:))

I watch her and she watches me. She looks frightened, although she's trying to hide it. I don't get it – is she reading my mind?

"Something's wrong, honey?" I ask her. My lips are shaking as I'm trying not to laugh. This whole situation is just so ridiculous.

"That's my question too." she answers. I can hear wariness in her voice. That makes me even more excited, cause this is just not normal with her. Usually she's the one who's arrogant, with her ice-cold eyes, beauty, and wasteful manners. Let's face it, it was her iciness what attracted me. And now it's her iciness what's eating me away. My lovely wife. She doesn't know it yet, but her iciness is also going to kill her. Or maybe she knows. There's something in her eyes that makes me wonder...

"You know there's always something wrong with us."

"That's right." she says. Is it just me or she's really about to cry? Well I don't care anymore what's going on with her. The only thing I care about is she fading away.

She takes a quick look at the two-light candlestick on the table. OK, time to make a move. "What are you doing?" she asks as I push her aside. She's not fighting back, which surprises me... What is she waiting for?

"Let's get this whole thing clear. I don't care if you scare people by your 19th-century-weird-concubine look, even my boss, I don't care if you take all the money a spend them... I don't even care if you're hanging out with friends all night and day. But I'm tired of you acting like I owe you this. I'm tired of your lies, of your never ending speeches how I'm the mean one and you're the best-"

She finally interrupts me.

"I see. Let's finish it... Again."

"Good idea, sweetheart." I'm smiling again. I must look like a total psycho. "That's exactly what I mean. Only I don't get why you say "again". We never finished anything, cause you're always winner right from the start."

"Cut that." She seems nervous and upset. "Whatever are you going to do... Do it."

That's the way I know her. Imperious, with evil eyes. The knife I hold behind my back is starting to burn my hand. OK. She wants me to do it... And I do it gladly.

She gasps as I stab her with all the vehemence I got. She looks just like in that Halloween dress with the knife in her chest. The only difference is that this time it's for real. I can feel her warm blood on my hands.

Just after few seconds I notice this pain... It comes from my stomach. I take a look... And I see she had exactly the same idea as me.

"Enjoy your waking up, honey." she whispers. "And thank you for fucking up my life. It's not even pleasure to kill you anymore."

I want to ask her what she means by this, but I just can't. I can feel my life running out with tons of blood. And there's another feeling I have. It's the feeling it's not the first time I'm dying...

Suddenly, the pain is gone. I'm lying on the floor of my own room, which is kinda strange cause the murder happened in the living room... I touch my stomach carefully but I can't feel anything. No knife, no injury... So I sit on the floor and then it comes to me...

This is my fourth time I came back to life.

That's why she was prepared. She remembered. And now... She probably lies on her bed, wondering what happened. Now it's my turn to remember. To walk through the hell once more. To remember that killing your wife is a bad thing, especially when you accidentally die with her because she's too smart to get killed easily – besides the fact she's twisted, as me. Now this is our punishment.

If only we could remember at the same time... But we can't.

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